At the end of a long day at work or school, you just want to relax. Maybe that means crawling into bed to binge-watch your favorite show—or perhaps you prefer unwinding with a bubble bath and a good book. Whatever the case may be, your bedroom or bathroom are ultimately the go-to spots for calming moments. Maximize the potential of these rooms to serve as peaceful sanctuaries by incorporating a few smart makeover tips.

Reconsider your furnishings

Your bed isn’t just the centerpiece of your bedroom, it’s also integral in assuring you a solid night’s sleep. You don’t want to be tossing and turning all night because it’s uncomfortable. If this is happening to you, it’s time for a replacement. When searching for the perfect mattress, think about the features you want, including level of firmness, cooling feature, and type of mattress (pillow-top, memory foam, or hybrid).

Keep an optimal temperature

Is the temperature of your bedroom affecting how well you sleep? While you can take simple steps like adjusting the temperature of your HVAC system, if you have drafty windows, it may be difficult to control your room’s temperature. If you need your window examined and repaired by a professional, search online to find ratings and reviews on contractors in your area. Before deciding on a company, be sure to get estimates from at least three contractors.

Take a look at your walls

If your walls are covered with stains, a messy paint job, or are simply feeling bland, you should consider installing new wallpaper to brighten things up. Choose a design that feels like you and fits with your aesthetic. Find something that you will be happy to come home to. The best way to do this is by ordering several samples and taking some time to decide. You can even get prepasted removable wallpaper or peel and stick removable wallpaper to make the installation process easier. This way, even the pattern on your walls can contribute to your peace and joy.

Organize and get rid of clutter

Clutter has actually been shown to exacerbate anxiety, because it makes you feel overwhelmed. To create a healthier home, sort through and organize the belongings in your bedroom and bathroom, and set aside those items you don’t need. You can sell or donate these goods, depending on their value. If you aren’t immediately sure what you want to do with them, add them to storage.

When re-configuring your rooms, take steps to avoid future clutter by installing organizational measures. This is a great way to expand your storage. Designate a spot for all of your possessions, from toiletries to jewelry and even the kids’ toys, to avoid clutter and create an anxiety-free home.

Does your bedroom double as a home office? If you’re living in a smaller space and you use your bedroom for work, you can keep your office clutter to a minimum by investing in a cord organizer, scanning paper records, and using vertical storage solutions. You can also reduce clutter by digitizing documents into PDF files to store on your PC. Additionally, you can use free tools to reduce PDF file size, which will help you save storage space on your computer.

If you’d like some professional assistance with your decluttering project, get in touch with the organizing pros at Ducks In A Row Organizers, LLC.

Invest in new linens

New sheets are a quick way to revamp your bedroom. If you’re in the mood to splurge, The Spruce suggests a selection of brands for every taste. Choose from French retailer Yves Delorme, a classic that has been around for centuries, or the American Anichini, a Vermont- based company that offers bright and bold colors and prints, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Don’t forget to show your bathroom linens some love as well. If you’ve been using the same old set of towels that barely absorb any water for years, treat yourself to an upgrade. Good Housekeeping notes 100% combed cotton, which has fibers that naturally attract water, will be extremely absorbent, and you should check for double-turned edges with double stitching to ensure durability.

Enhance your space with scents

Smell is an incredibly powerful sense. According to the American Psychological Association, fragrances can actually impact cognition and emotion, inciting both positive and negative feelings. Complete your bedroom and bathroom makeover by installing diffusers or candles that create a lovely aroma. Opt for scents that are known for providing stress relief, such as lavender, lemon, and peppermint.

Your bedroom and bathroom are areas where you want to be able to recharge. By incorporating the above tweaks, you can transform them into even more soothing spaces. You will not only feel at peace, you may even find it easier to unwind and sleep at night in this newly calming atmosphere.

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