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Enjoy uncluttered spaces and benefit from a custom organizing system that matches your lifestyle

Do you have too much clutter in your attic, garage, or your whole house? Have you ever had to look for your keys, toothbrush, shoes? Does clearing the clutter and getting organized seem like climbing Mount Everest – a great goal, but not something you want to start today?

Benefit from a Free Personal Organizer Consultation

How we work

In the convenience of your own home, we discuss your project and organizational goals. A typical consultation takes about thirty minutes. Then you schedule a working session with us at a time convenient for you (minimum of two hour increments).

Your Involvement

You participate in your project as much or as little as you want. If you want us to do most of the work, let us take over and we will consult you only for important decisions. Then sit back and relax. Or if you would like a cooperative venture, we work together and you come away with great ideas on how to organize your home or office.

Our home organization experts will help you find the proper place for all of the things you need and will haul away all the items you don’t. We will set up custom organizing systems that fit your space and lifestyle.

Example of areas where you could use our organization expertise to clear the clutter:

  • Kitchen organizing: A kitchen is often the heart of any home and usually a place with increased clutter throughout the years. Rediscover your kitchen, let us help you with labeling, clutter free counters, pantry sorting, fridge and cabinets storage.
  • Basements, attics and garage: Eliminate accumulated items in these areas, create inventive storage solutions and benefit from the space for an extra room or to fit both tools and cars. Declutter with our expert consultant who will help you decide what to keep or donate.
  • Home office: Get things done faster. Find any paper or bill within seconds. We will help you create a custom personal and business filling system to increase your productivity.
  • Bedroom closets, medicine and bathroom cabinets: They look so crowded… It is probably not because of a lack of space but because of disorganization. Stop searching for that favorite blouse in the bedroom closet, that specific drug from the medicine cabinet or the disappeared toiletries in the bathroom.
  • Living rooms and children playroom: Organize books, media, and toys in a way that the rooms will always look tidy when items are back in their place.

Donations to Charitable Organizations and Receipts

Ducks In a Row collaborates with different charitable organizations. Your giveaways will benefit local organizations. You will receive a receipt for text deductible items. Learn more about Ducks in A Row Professional Organizers and donations.



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Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Ducks in a Row. I have used them during two transitional periods in my life; they are very organized, hard-working, thoughtful and low pressure. The act of scheduling, allotting time, and having assistance in the effort of purging and organizing made the seemingly overwhelming process very doable. Living with the results adds an element of peacefulness to my life. They are worth every dollar I spent with them and I plan to use them again in the future.”

K Qu Igley
Winchester, Ma

“Anne Lucas is extremely knowledgeable and very efficient, and has a natural ability to organize. She’s very respectful of what is important to you to keep, and as soon as you decide what you don’t want, she’s resourceful in knowing where to give it away. I found that very satisfying, because it’s hard to throw things away, but knowing that it will be recycled and used makes it easier.”

Mary Caroll
Winchester, Ma

"Anne was the best person who could've helped us when moving. Between herself and the real estate agent, the house was in such good shape that it sold on the first day it went the market. Her help made an enormous difference — I'm not sure we could've accomplished it without her."

Marie Berry
Winchester, Ma

“Anne Lucas definitely has a creative way of putting all your “ducks in a row.” With a gentle nudge to let go of your things, to finding excellent homes for your throw-aways, in the end, your clutter is gone, and you’ve had fun accomplishing a long overdue goal!”

Harley Elia
Quarterly Review of Wines Magazine
Winchester, MA

“When I have a huge job with a lot of clutter, it’s easy to lose the way. Anne helps to remember daily, weekly, and long-term tasks, and brings me back to the task in a nonjudgmental way. The whole thing becomes less overwhelming and less like a weight on my whole life, and the job gets done. Anne also helps in figuring out a logical place to put things that works for you, and that’s what’s important: finding out what works for you.”

Alicia Hintlian
Winchester, MA

“Anne takes care of everything, she thinks of everything, and she puts your mind at ease. Anne makes me feel good about what I’m doing and what I’m letting go of, because she has a good home for everything—she has unlimited resources.”

Susan Corkery
Winchester, MA

“Anne is a lifesaver. She organized my office and home. My basement was filled with 25 years of theater memorabilia!! Now, it is easy to keep things under control — her system makes so much sense!“

Cathy Alexander
Director, Cooperative Theatre for Children
Winchester, MA

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