“Anne is a lifesaver. She organized my office and home. My basement was filled with 25 years of theater memorabilia!! Now, it is easy to keep things under control—her system makes so much sense!“

Cathy Alexander
Director, Cooperative Theatre for Children
Winchester, MA


Organizational Systems

Creating an Organizational System

Do you think your job is done once the clutter is cleared? Without a system to keep it organized, your clutter might be back next week, or even tomorrow. With Ducks In a Row, you come away with an organizational system that works for you.

Business Organizational Systems

With a mountain of papers on your desk, having the right filing system is a real advantage. If you have a lot on your mind, color coding may be for you. Or you may need a simple alphabetization or category system. Too many deadlines? We can help establish a calendar system to suit your needs.

Whatever your situation, we discover the right system for you.

Home Organizational Systems

Do you have a potholder in one drawer and dish towels in another? With Ducks In a Row you learn to categorize things so you remember where they are. Use labeled plastic storage bins to organize your holiday items, toys and sewing materials. And if you want to get fancy, use different colored bins.

No more rummaging around to find what you need—you will know exactly where to look.

Your Shadow: a Body Double

A body double is a personal organizing consultant who stays with you at your home or office to motivate and encourage you. Forget to file the latest memo or receipt? She is right there at your home or office to remind you. When you no longer need her to help you stay organized, you will have good habits that could last a lifetime.

Organizing a Business

Cathy owns a children’s theater business. She was buried in paperwork when she came to Ducks In a Row. Scripts for each children’s play, personal and business bills, receipts, sign-up forms, and information packets all needed a home. During a free half-hour consultation, Cathy discussed her project with Anne Lucas, owner of Ducks In a Row.

During the first few sessions, Anne replaced hand-written labeling with computer labels for all files. Now the files are much easier to read. Then she set up two four-drawer filing cabinets using an alphabetical and chronological filing system. With the system in place, Anne easily maintains the files for Cathy so that Cathy can focus on her business.

Like Cathy, you can come to Ducks In a Row for organizing systems that will turn your home or business into a smooth-running machine.

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