Addictions are hard to shake. They also tend to disrupt your life, affecting everything from your career to your relationships. Relocating elsewhere is a wonderful opportunity to not only kick your addiction for good but also re-organize your life and get it back on track again. You can start over fresh in a new place, with new people, and leave the past behind.

Below, Ducks in a Row Professional Organizers offers advice and suggestions on how to relocate and re-organize your life for a fresh – and sober – start:

Set clear de-addiction goals

Moving will help you stay sober but you’ll still have to do the work. Setting recovery goals is essential if you want to heal. First, start by committing to quitting your addiction for good. Second, create goals for your new life that will help you recover. Some examples courtesy DK Solutions Group are committing to self-care, having quiet time each day, attending recovery meetings frequently, and building stronger relationships with the people around you.

Make a relocation wishlist

Do you have a clear picture of where you’d like to live and why? Here are three critical considerations:

  • Career: Does the new location give you access to a suitable career?
  • Expenses: Can you afford to live in the new city or town?
  • Lifestyle: Does the lifestyle afforded by the place suit you?

Find the right house in the right neighborhood

Finding a house can be time-consuming. If you’re buying, it can take months (renting is much faster). It’s important you start scouting places early. Look for a house that suits your sobriety needs adequately. It’s a good idea to choose a peaceful neighborhood that can assist with your recovery. For instance, having nature (like parks and forests) nearby will help you heal.

Plan for the move

Relocating involves several practical preparations. To stay organized, start by creating a move timeline with a list of moving-related tasks by priority. You can tick tasks off the list as you prepare to move. You should also create a moving budget. This will help you meet moving-related expenses and, also, save money. Last, but not least, consider moving-related legalities and get your paperwork in order.


When you move, you have to decide what possessions to keep and what to get rid of. Getting rid of old items can be cathartic and assist with your sobriety. Psychology Today covers the health benefits here. Go through each room in your home and sort items into categories like “keep”, “donate”, and “throw-away”.

Create a packing plan

Packing takes time (even when you use movers). Having a packing plan can help you meet your packing goals. Create a timeline for packing each room. List the packing supplies you’ll need and create a labeling system to keep track of all the boxes.

Hire professional movers

Using professional movers will make your move smoother and less stressful. Movers provide an array of moving-related services like packing, unpacking, security, and transportation for your belongings. Remember to book your movers at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Set up utilities and services

You will have to set up utilities and services again in your new location. Apply for internet and cable services. If applicable, transfer your current utilities to the new location (or have them shut down). Also, notify your bank and other service providers of your change in address.

Create a new routine

Having a solid routine to fall back on in the new location can give you a sense of structure and normalcy. It’s key to starting life off on the right foot, staying organized, and remaining sober. Some suggestions are eating healthy, joining the gym, picking up new hobbies, meeting new people, joining support groups, and doing everything else that helps you stay focused.

Organize your home for health and comfort

Your home has a massive impact on your mind, emotions, and body. When it’s a clean, organized, and expansive place, you feel healthy. When it’s cluttered and disorganized, you’re going to feel uncomfortable. Taking efforts to organize your home for health and comfort is worth it. Ducks in a Row can organize your home for maximum health and comfort.

Consider rehab

Moving won’t always be enough to maintain your sobriety. Not everyone can be strong all the time either (in remaining sober). Joining a suitable addiction recovery facility effectively stops you from giving in to temptation. It also gives you professional help for regaining your sobriety.


Moving is a wonderful opportunity to have a brand new start and, also, kick your addiction for good. Keep in mind that moving can be stressful and you could feel out of place after you relocate for a few weeks. For the best results, give it time, be kind to yourself, and focus on self-care.

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