Anne takes care of everything, she thinks of everything, and she puts your mind at ease. Anne makes me feel good about what I’m doing and what I’m letting go of, because she has a good home for everything—she has unlimited resources.”

Susan Corkery
Winchester, MA


Clearing the Clutter

What should I throw away? What should I give away and where? What should I keep? These questions can drive you crazy. Getting rid of things you’ve had for years is hard–your pants from twenty pounds ago, your old college notes, every picture your child has ever drawn–but you have to get rid of something.

With our help, you decide what to throw away, what to give away, what to sell and what to keep. We can also ensure that your chosen items are stored safely to avoid damage. Finally, you have peace of mind and some breathing room. (Before and After Pictures)

Donations to Charitable Organizations

With Ducks In a Row, you feel good about getting rid of old things, because you know they will go to someone who can use them right now. Your giveaways go to local charitable organizations like the Mission of Deeds, Senior center, School Department, Library, Music School, Winchester Hospital, the DPW, or the Recreation Department. So feel free to let go of things, knowing they will go to a good home.

Receipt for Donations

After you decide what to give away, sit back and relax while Ducks In a Row takes care of the rest. We deliver your donations to charitable organizations and you receive a receipt if the items are tax deductible!

Susan’s Garage–a Case of Clutter Control

Susan’s garage was so cluttered that she could not fit her three cars into it. To go on vacation, she needed to fit at least one car in. So she went to Ducks In a Row for help. First she described her problem and organizational goals during a free half-hour consultation with Anne Lucas, the owner of Ducks In a Row. Then Anne set up the first session.

When Anne arrived, the garage was full to bursting with furniture, sports equipment, boxes of books, gardening equipment and other things. So she and Susan picked a spot on one end of the garage and worked their way to the other end. Together they sorted each box into three piles with subcategories: things to keep (sorted by room), things to donate (sorted by charitable organization) and things to throw away.

At the end of the session, Anne delivered the donations to charitable organizations and the trash the dump, and obtained a receipt for the items that were tax deductable. A few sessions later, Anne arrived with shelving and sturdy plastic containers. Anne and Susan labeled the containers and put similar items together in the same area. As a result Susan can fit all three cars into the garage, and she had a great vacation!


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