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It’s never too late to rethink your New Year’s resolutions, and if you’re looking for something unique, maybe it’s time to dive into home renovation. There are so many ways you can refresh your house, whether you’re looking for DIY projects you can safely do, or you want something more serious that involves professional help. Consider these ideas from Ducks In A Row Organizer,LLC to find the perfect project for your home.

Easy DIY for Kids

If you want to involve your children, or are simply looking for something fun and easy, consider doing some art-based DIY projects. You can make your own roman blinds by using fabric glue to adhere the pattern of your choice to some mini-blinds. It can add instant fun and color to any room. Or, grab some plain throw pillows and fabric paint and get ready for a messy, amusing time designing your own prints. 

There are so many artistic endeavors to choose from, so don’t settle for just one. You could make aesthetic cloud lights with paper lanterns, LED tea lights, cotton, and a glue gun. If you’re looking for something to hang in the window, you and your little ones could make some “stained glass” with things you mostly have lying around the home.

DIY Your Furniture

Looking for something a little more in depth, but still DIY? There are many pieces of furniture you can make safely, with only a few purchases. Or you can improve the furniture you have with some new stuffing or a new case or two. If you have a bit of time and money to invest in a project, A Beautiful Mess says you could make your own live edge wooden coffee table. If you have a plain piece of wooden furniture, or even an old door that could be livened up, you could give it new life with a new coat of paint. Try different brushes or speckling a complementary color by flicking your brush over the surface. 

If you’d like to try something a little more complicated, Family Handyman suggests adding storage to your home by putting in shelves in your garage or adding cabinet rollouts in your kitchen. Make sure you’re confident with any tools you use and that you have exactly what you need to get the job done right. If you’re unsure of how to handle the tools, online tutorials like those found on YouTube provide instructions, but don’t be afraid to ask the salespeople at your local hardware store. They can often give practical demonstrations, so you can work safely at home.

Professional Renovations

Sometimes, it’s just easier to get a professional to handle the renovations. If you’ve done your research, but you still don’t feel confident using the tools you’ll need, you should probably bring in someone who definitely knows what they are doing. It’s also a good idea to get a professional if the project requires major work. 

If you’re opening up your floor plan, altering major appliances that connect to the pipework in your home, or doing anything involving wiring, consider hiring someone who is qualified and insured to do these projects. After all, you don’t want to injure yourself or damage your home. For these larger, more complicated projects, it’s often necessary to move belongings out of the way and even out of the house. Consider hiring movers to transport and temporarily store these items in an offsite storage unit during the renovation.

This is the perfect time to make all the improvements you’ve been thinking of, or even just to liven up your home. You can involve the whole family or, if you prefer, build a new piece of furniture by yourself to display with pride. Do your research, get the right tools with the best reviews for your job, and know when to call in the pros, but most of all, have some fun.


Image courtesy of Pixabay

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