We’re slowly emerging from the pandemic (and our homes) but that doesn’t mean we ought to neglect the space that housed us through the lockdown. On the contrary, now is the best time to spruce up your home in preparation for a new start and (hopefully) new guests!

Here’s a quick primer on how to refresh your home post-pandemic from Ducks In A Row Organizers LLC.

Spruce up your furniture

Have a favorite couch that needs some love? Now’s the perfect time to give it a once-over to help refresh your home post-pandemic.

Furniture upholstery services are available for bigger or more complex jobs. Just remember to shop around and read reviews online for the best deals. How much you spend will depend on the item of furniture you need fixed.

Give it a coat of paint

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to reinvigorate a room. It keeps your walls looking clean and fresh and, with the right color choice, opens up the space to boot. Just remember to choose your palette wisely. If you opt for a feature wall, make sure it doesn’t overshadow the rest of your decor.

Install storage solutions

We’ve spent a lot of time at home during lockdowns over the last couple of years. At that time, it’s understandable that things might get cluttered. One of the best things you can do to re-invigorate your house post-pandemic is clean up the clutter with some savvy storage solutions. There are a number of options both online and in stores like IKEA. Just remember to shop with your house’s measurements ready.

Clean up your office

If you’ve been working from home, no doubt your home office could use a little work. Spend some time there reorganizing the place. Is your desk facing the window at an odd angle? Try a different configuration of furniture. The key is to make the space as ergonomically friendly as your office was. If your space needs a thorough makeover, connect with a service like Ducks In a Row Professional Organizers to create a thoroughly organized and well-appointed office.

Get into your garden

If you don’t have a green thumb, gardening might seem like the last thing on your mind but did you know it’s one of the best ways to give your house a facelift? It’s often one of the first things people see upon visiting, so a well-landscaped garden can be a boon for comfort levels. If you don’t want to get your own hands dirty, why not hire a professional landscaper to take a look at your yard? Just remember to shop around for the best deal.

Look to your windows

Your windows let in natural light, but did you know they play a major role in regulating the temperature of your home as well? If your windows are getting on in years, it might be time to look at an upgrade. As a bonus, look into eco-friendly windows. These will keep your house warm or cool when needed and negate the need for heating or air conditioning.

Affording It All

A whole-home makeover can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the types of upgrades you need. When it comes to significant changes like new windows, new interior or exterior paint and updated landscaping, the costs can start to add up, and easily fall out of your budget. To address this type of situation, many homeowners have chosen to refinance their homes. If you’re asking “how does refinancing a home work?” it’s pretty simple. You simply replace your current home loan with a new one and tap into your home’s equity to pay for updates and repairs. Thanks to low mortgage rates, now is a great time to consider refinancing, especially if it’s for improvements that ultimately boost your home’s ROI.

New home, new you

You spend a lot of time at home, so you want the space to be comfortable. Now that we’re emerging from the pandemic, it’s the perfect time to give your house a much-needed facelift. Now you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve for doing just that, but there are more that can be done. The devil’s in the details, after all, so look into updating little things, from cabinet handles to vent covers.

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