Hello and Thank You so much for taking a second to check out our new blog, and learn about “Ducks in a Row“, a Professional Organizing business!

I got started when the spark went off while watching a Hallmark Movie where the daughter hired a “clutter lady” to help her Mom clean out the big old house. I thought this was what I should be doing, clearing clutter, putting things in order. I was right, it is the perfect job for me, I’m self diagnosed, obsessive-compulsive, which for me is a gift. I have been in business for 13 years, and it has grown by word of mouth. I love a challenge, no project is too daunting, I get giddy when there is a lot to tackle. We can manage any job, big or small with our team of “ducks.”

Stay tuned for great ways to staying organized in your home and life, and organizing projects that we have done!

My three ducks that inspire me!


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