Decorating a rental home can be challenging. For starters, you don’t want to upset your landlord when the time comes to move out. And it can be difficult to create a space that meets the needs of everyone living there. However, unique challenges require specific solutions. Here, the experts at Ducks In a Row Organizers share these tips to help you turn your home into a comfortable space for everything important in your life.

Get Creative With Storage

One of the more prominent challenges in decorating a small space is having adequate storage. Not every apartment has plenty of closet space. Utilize hidden storage in furniture, such as a flip-top bench or coffee table, to keep things out of the way but accessible. Keep the floor clear with minimalistic shelves that don’t clutter up the walls.

If you have children, you can find places to store their toys out of sight. Use containers that fit under the bed for small toys and label them to keep them organized. Buy storage to hang arts and crafts materials on the back of the door. Keeping things organized helps your kids learn how to tidy up their space quickly as well.

If you find yourself boxing things up, don’t forget to save yourself a lot of hassle by using this free label maker to keep everything straight. That’s a great tip to bear in mind for any future moves, as well.

Create an Office Without the Space

If you work from home or just like a quiet space for hobbies, it can be challenging to designate an office with limited space, but you can use space that you’ve already occupied. Turn a decorative console into a desk with just a chair and your laptop. If your living room is a high-traffic area and you need somewhere to help you avoid distractions, mount a wide shelf to a wall in the bedroom where you can get some privacy. Just be sure to keep your laptop out of the bedroom at night. 

Other ways to set up your space include painting a wall a soothing color, adding more light, keeping your desk organized and investing in an ergonomic chair and desk. 

Use Double-Duty Furniture

Furniture that performs double-duty is another great option for renters trying to maximize a small amount of space. If you love having guests over for dinner parties, a dining room table that seats at least six would be great, but you probably don’t have a permanent place to put one. The Goliath by Resource transforms from a small writing desk into a table large enough to seat up to 10 people. Store some trendy folding chairs in the closet, and you have a perfect space to entertain.

If you live in a studio apartment, simply having separate sleeping and seating areas is challenging. You can have both with a hideaway bed, such as a Murphy bed. Or a three-seat pullout sofa can turn into a queen-sized bed by pulling on a shelf above the sofa that transforms into the foot of the bed. Then you have a space to entertain and a space to sleep without compromising your square footage.

Think Outside of the Box

If your space just won’t work for you regardless of the above suggestions, you may need to consider a new living situation. Whether that’s renting a bigger space or buying a house. Purchasing a home can be an intimidating process. The key to feeling comfortable is learning as much as you can about the housing market in your target area. 

As you think about your redecorating options, remember never to underestimate the budgetary benefits of DIY. If you can’t afford it, see if you can make it yourself. Start with your own ideas, and turn to the internet if you hit a metaphorical wall.

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