As we slowly emerge from the bitter cold of winter into the bright green of spring, I know one question is on a lot of our minds. How can we stay organized with the environment in mind? Organizing goes hand in hand with environmental consciousness since both in their very nature focus on reduction. Here are a few handy tips to “green thinking” during spring cleaning season!

  • Paper is more often than not the number one source of clutter! Reduce the amount of paper waste you generate by keeping things electronic. Reuse paper with one printed side as coloring material for kids. Always remember to recycle! Shredded paper, paper bags, and cardboard boxes are all just as recyclable as old magazines and junk mail.
  • Spring cleaning gives you the perfect opportunity to create a donation pile. Old winter clothes and children’s toys can be donated to various organizations such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill.
  • Green options exist for nearly all aspects of your life! Consider switching from cleaning products full of dangerous chemicals to safer, more eco-friendly options. Local stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s offer tons of green cleaning brands such as Seventh Generation products and their own name brands.
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