And for most of us, this can be a clean and organized home’s worst enemy. Slushy snow gets tracked over hardwood floors and carpets, while boots, jackets, and all kinds of snow paraphernalia pile up next to the front door. Having a dedicated (and organized!) mudroom space can be simpler than you think, and can save you from the messy headaches winter can bring to the indoors.

  • Having an open storage space, whether this be in a designated mudroom or the entryway to your home, is crucial for wet winter jackets. Air circulation helps them dry faster and the open concept look makes everyone’s coats and snowpants easier to spot. This type of space can easily be achieved with plenty of hooks. For the more ambitious, cubbies are a great option too and can be found at most furniture stores.
  • Make sure to stock up on baskets and bins. These look great on shelves or can easily be stacked or slid underneath a bench. Grouping similar items together makes finding what you need later simpler and quick!
  • Stop the snow before it makes its way inside! Keep a rough mat outside your door and a tray for wet boots inside to help catch melting snow and stop it from spreading.
  • As always, remember to declutter! Do you really need that winter jacket you haven’t worn in three years? How about those ratty and torn gloves? Donate what you can and throw away the rest, and you will be shocked at the amount of free space you have for the items you actually use.
  • Kid-friendly tip: Make kids excited to stay organized with name plaques and individualized cubbies!


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