A work relocation can be an exciting new adventure for both you and your family. However, a move — especially a long-distance one — can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly. To make your move as enjoyable as possible, begin the process long before moving day. Use the following guide to advise your upcoming relocation.

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

Ideally, you will begin the moving process on the day you learn of your relocation. However, you should give yourself at least eight weeks to start planning. Some things to do at or before the eight-week mark are as follows:

  • Create a “moving file” to store everything from your moving estimates to receipts.
  • Develop a moving budget. Though your work should cover most expenses, you will accrue out-of-pocket costs.
  • Schedule in-home moving estimates. Gather at least three quotes.
  • Start tagging items for what goes and what stays. If necessary, plan a garage sale. Start donating things you do not intend to keep.
  • Determine what type of professional help you will need and start making calls. Many moving professionals like Ducks in a Row book out months in advance, so hire them sooner rather than later.

Also, research the area and look for a place to live. In addition to considering the proximity to your work, evaluate school districts, nearby attractions, and prices. If you would rather rent than buy, use online tools to find rentals in Seattle, WA,  that are within your price range, contain your desired amenities, and have the requisite number of rooms and bathrooms. Narrow down your search with 3D tours. Once you find a new home, enroll your children in the local school district and transfer their educational records.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

At six weeks, you want to continue to get your ducks in a row. Some things you can start doing are as follows:

  • Start collecting and stocking up on boxes.
  • If you’re moving far away, have your vehicles serviced.
  • Start taking inventory of your valuables, along with photos.
  • If you rent, address minor repairs to ensure you get your security deposit back.
  • Start cleaning out your freezer and pantry, and use up or throw away old cleaning supplies.
  • Decide on a moving company and book its services.

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

Moving day will be here before you know it, so use the final four weeks to make a serious dent in your moving to-do list. Below is the next set of to-dos for the last month:

  • Start packing. Make sure to label all boxes.
  • Make plans for moving your pets.
  • Apply for any permits you will need in your new location, such as parking permits.
  • Inform your utility companies of your impending move, and fill out mail transfer forms. Set up utilities at your new address.
  • Plan your route, book hotels, and confirm travel arrangements. Make note of any travel deadlines so that you don’t miss any.

The Final 2 Weeks

The final two weeks before your moving day should be spent solidifying details and preparing for life on the other side. Some things to do are as follows:

  • Return borrowed items.
  • Cancel local memberships and transfer prescriptions.
  • Clean your home or apartment and do a final walkthrough.
  • Prepare for the unexpected and create a backup plan.

Moving can be stressful. However, with proper planning and the right help, you can streamline the process and make it as stress-free as possible.

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