Summer is here! We are eating out, having BBQs and graduation parties. There are leftovers and fresh fruits and veggies crowding fridges everywhere. Here are some tips on how to keep your fridge clean and avoid waisting food!

1.  Keep your leftovers in plastic containers. Don’t leave your extra food in the bag or box you brought it home in, if you can see what is in your fridge it is more likely to catch your eye and be eaten.

If you’re really ambitious have a few glass tupperware containers that you can transfer your food to and label with a dry erase marker!


2. Rotate your fridge! Yes food gets shoved to the back and forgotten about, but, before you go shopping you should take a look in your fridge.  Throw away anything that has expired and bring things that are still good to the front.  Double check your list and make sure you don’t buy something you already have!

I saw a great way to remind yourself about expiration dates: Have a specific bin for items that are about to be expired.


3. Don’t forget about what food you have by making a meal plan.  This can be hard, so write it right on the fridge! You can use a dry erase marker on most fridges or put up a small dry erase board next to your fridge.  You can write a list of what you have inside or you can put meal ideas up to remind your stomach what its missing!


4. Separate your food categories into bins, this can also be used in the freezer.  Get some clear or mesh baskets and label them.  For example, condiments, cheese, cold cuts, yogurts.


5. Many fridges don’t have enough drawer space, and dark crispers tend to be where vegetables go to die.  Don’t let your produce rot, if you over stuff these drawers the food will go bad faster.



6. And finally my personal favorite fridge tip: Get a Lazy Susan!



I found all these images on Pinterest, for more visuals and great ideas check out


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